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Best Sex Positions For Deep Penetration

If you want to feel deep penis-in-vagina sex but find that the standard missionary position isn’t stimulating enough, try one of these expert-approved positions. They offer lots of G-spot stimulation, and some even allow the penetrating partner to reach around to stimulate the clitoris.

Doggy style involves the vagina owner lying on their back, while their penetrating partner enters from behind. It’s a great position for beginners and experts alike.

1. Butterfly Position

This position is great for deeper penetration and can help to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot. In this position, the vulva owner lies on her back and the penetrative partner drapes their legs over her shoulders.

Unlike missionary, the Butterfly Position isn’t taxing on either partner’s body, Rullo says. “Both partners can adjust this position as they go, depending on the depth of penetration and how comfortable it is,” she says.

Plus, it’s perfect for couples who use a strap-on or sex toy. Just be sure to communicate with your partner to make adjustments if needed, she adds.

2. Doggy Style

A classic sex position that feels great for deep penetration, doggy style involves the partner being penetrated getting on all fours while their penetrating partner kneels behind them and enters. The position can be used for anal or vaginal penetration, with a penis, strap-on, finger, or other sex toy.

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A variation on doggy style, known as leapfrog, is even better for stimulating the clitoris and other erogenous zones. Another option is Reverse Cowgirl, a mix of doggy and classic women-on-top positions that also stimulates the G-spot. This is a good one to try with a pillow, which can add an extra level of comfort. It also makes it easier for partners to get comfortable with the sensation of a deeper thrust.

3. Raised Legs

This position is great for men with small penis because it allows them to penetrate more deeply into the vagina. It also stimulates the P-spot and A-spot, leading to orgasm.

Have your partner straddle you on their knees. They can adjust the angle of entry by where they position their legs – play with it!

This is a variation of the classic doggy style. It works well for deep penetration and provides G-spot stimulation, Moore says. For extra pleasure, add a vibrator to this position. It’s also perfect for three-way sex.

4. Ballet Dancer

This sex position is great for stimulating the G-spot and can feel like a lap dance, says clinical sexologist Rachel Sommer. It’s also a submissive-dominant position that can be particularly turn-on for couples who enjoy being choked.

It’s similar to doggy style, but your partner straddles your hips while entering from behind. You can prop a pillow under your knees for added comfort, advises sex educator Jess Melendez.

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You can reach around to stimulate your clitoris, breasts and A-spot with your hands in this position. You can also add a vibrator or couple’s toy for more pleasure.

5. Kneeling on Your Partner’s Shoulder

This is one of the best sex positions for deep penetration that’s also great for clitoral stimulation. It combines the butterfly position with the penetrative partner entering from behind, which can help increase pleasure because of the extra pressure on the vulva.

It also has the added benefit of eye contact, which can make it even more intimate. “It’s a very impactful position for people who are turned on by eye contact, especially those who are very sexually aroused by it,” says Harris-Jackson.

The woman lies face down on the bed, then straddles her partner’s pelvis while he kneels and enters her from behind. She can open her legs wider to deepen the experience.

6. Kneeling on Your Partner’s Butt

If clitoral stimulation isn’t for you, there are plenty of other ways to get deep and intense. For example, try the Cowgirl position, which is basically doggy style with your partner on all fours while they enter your vagina from behind.

It’s a versatile position that can work for anal or vaginal penetration, and you can add in a finger, cock ring, or other erogenous zone toy for extra pleasure. Another great variation is the Anvil, which is also super hot and works for deep penetration — you just have to lie back with your legs stretched out and the man kneeling by your butt. It can feel even more intense if you tighten your legs to increase pressure.

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7. Crossed Legs

The butterfly position is similar to missionary, but it allows for deeper penetration. It’s also great for cervical and clitoral stimulation, according to Moore.

To get into the position, have your partner lie down on a surface like a bed or sofa. They should then put their legs at the edge of the surface, so you can easily enter under them from a standing position.

You can switch things up by grinding your hips against theirs to get a little more intense. You can also add a pillow to help raise your partner’s legs, which makes it easier for you to enter. This is a great option for beginners who want to try out deeper penetration sex positions.

8. Side Position

A variation on the classic doggy style, this position involves your partner lying on her back with her legs splayed while you kneel upright. It’s not as easy to thrust as the butterfly position, but you can still achieve deep penetration and good G-spot stimulation.

This position gives the man a lot of control and is comfortable for both partners. He can use his hands and shoulders to caress her, and she can lean into him for extra intimacy.

Many women experience pain from deep penetration at certain times, which may be due to their menstrual cycle or because the cervix is harder during that time. Changing positions can help reduce this pain and increase stimulation for both parties.