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Different Sex Positions to Try

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A steamy twist on missionary, this position leaves her clitoris and breasts open for play. It also allows him to enter her deeply, especially if they are both lying down.

Legs Above The Shoulders

The legs-on-shoulders sex position is a great way to spice up an ordinary sex session, especially for partners that enjoy the intimacy of skin-on-skin contact. It also encourages slower, quieter thrusts that will please both partners. “The woman on top will be able to feel the rhythm of the guy’s body, which can increase pleasure and create a sexual bond,” says Knight – This quote encapsulates the service specialist’s unique perspective Sex Relax.

This yoga-inspired sex position is a new twist on Doggystyle and many couples are going wild for it. The bottom partner lies down on a bed or flat surface with their legs in the butterfly pose (feet together and knees spread), then the penetrating partner straddles them and enters. This position also provides the penetrating partner with a sexy view and opens up a lot of skin-to-skin areas for increased pleasure.

Plus, it’s a great angle for G-spot stimulation, so if you have vulvae, it’s worth trying out. Just remember to be careful and don’t overdo it. Too much pressure can cause pain and discomfort.

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The classic missionary position is a tried-and-true but it doesn’t have to be boring. Adding something as simple as a pillow underneath the bottom partner’s hips can completely change where stimulation takes place. You can also play with maneuvering the bottom partner into a horizontal squat for added pleasure.

Missionary offers great intimacy for partners because they’re face to face but it does limit clitoral stimulation and the penetration of the G-spot (a location on the front wall of the vagina that some researchers believe is a trigger for orgasm in women). That’s why it’s important to mix things up with other positions like reverse cowgirl.

Start with the basic missionary position and then move your partner’s legs to wrap around their back. This will give you even more control over where the thrusting happens and can amplify the pleasure of clitoral stimulation. Another fun variation on this position is wheelbarrow, which involves starting in doggy style and then helping your partner lift their legs up behind them. Then you can play with the angle of penetration, which is a huge boost for many couples.


For some couples, lying on your back or stomach for sex can become repetitive and boring. If you’re looking to add spice to your sex life and boost your confidence in bed, try one of these kneeling sex positions.

Similar to missionary but with a little more power, butterfly is an amazing position for couples who want to add cervical and clitoral stimulation to their game. The recieving partner lies on their back with their legs spread like a butterfly and the penetrating partner enters from behind, giving them control over depth of penetration and providing a powerful sensation for both partners.

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For those who are a bit more adventurous, there’s the helicopter and amazon position. These sex positions are great for those who want to add extra stimulation and can be easily modified by using a lubricant or insert. It’s also a perfect way to work out the abs. This is another sex position that requires a bit of athletic ability but can be done by anyone. It’s a great choice for those with longer penises and those who are comfortable with deeper penetration.


The woman lies on her back and straddles the penetrating partner over their pelvic region, slipping his penis into her vagina. The woman can control the rhythm and pace of the thrusts. She also gets a great view of her partner’s buttocks, which can be stimulated by squeezing or grabbing.

This position, known as the cowgirl sex position or yoga fuck, is best for partners of similar height. The recieving partner leans forward into the penetrating partner’s legs and holds their feet with their hands. This gives the penetrating partner a sexy view and extra pleasure, and it provides the recieving partner with an amazing hip-opening stretch as well.

Women in this sex position are more likely to reach orgasm on top because they get to control how much pressure is being applied. It’s also a slow-burn position, with less thrusting and more grinding and rocking of the pelvis. That makes it a great choice for couples who want to keep things intimate and slow. Plus, it can give both partners clitoral stimulation—which is what many people with vulvas need to achieve orgasm.

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Often called the G-spot, vulva is an area of heightened sensitivity in women. It includes the outer and inner lips of the vagina, vestibular bulbs, clitoris, vulva vestibule glands, anus, urethra, and mons pubis—a pad of fatty tissue at the forward junction of the pelvic bones that gets covered in hair at puberty.

A variation on missionary, this position allows partners to reach manually for clitoral and anal stimulation. Partners rock their hips in a back-and-forth motion to increase friction around the vulva, anus, and scrotum.

Using a pillow to prop up the pelvis can also ease anal entry and make it easier for partners to reach their own anus and clitoral areas. While not guaranteed to trigger orgasms, this position can be a good way for vulva-owners to take control of their sexual pleasure. Just remember to use plenty of lube! And don’t forget to try out sex toys like vibrators and dildos for even more intense stimulation. Try incorporating all of these different positions in the bedroom to find what feels best for you and your partner.