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Fun Sex Positions to Do With Your Boyfriend

A little creativity in the bedroom can boost sex, intimacy and connection. Trying out some of these fun sex positions will help you and your boyfriend feel horny and close together.

Spooning is a classic and comforting position that allows for penetration and stimulation from the front. This is also a good choice for those with smaller penis.

1. Woman-On-Top

While the woman-on-top position might seem intimidating, it’s actually pretty simple if both parties know what to do. He lies down with his back against the wall or headboard, she assumes a seated position and straddles him from the front. This sex position offers all the hot face-to-face intimacy of missionary, while giving him great leverage for sexy G-spot deep thrusts and kissing.

She also has the option to grind up against him for clitoral stimulation that’s hard to get with a man-on-top position. To take it to the next level, have him tickle her nipples and rub her clitoris as she enters him for a spine-tingling sensation.

This version of the cowgirl is a little more challenging than the original, but it’s still an excellent sex position for both partners to try. She rests her face and chest down on a rolling chair while he kneels behind her and enters from the rear. This sex position gives her the perfect height to straddle one of his legs, allowing her to grind up against him for a clitoral rush that’s often hard to achieve in a cowgirl.

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2. Doggy-Style

If you’re a fan of domination play, doggy style is a great position to try. It’s also a good choice for those who like deep penetration since it stimulates the tip of the cervix, known as the A-spot, says sexologist and certified intimacy coach Lucy Rowett. It’s important to be aware of what you’re doing, though. Because of the angle at which your penis enters, doggy-style can be uncomfortable for some women if you’re not careful.

Luckily, there are some tricks you can do to make it more comfortable for both partners. First, make sure you’re using plenty of lubrication and take your time with the foreplay. You’ll need to build a lot of excitement before you can really make it work.

Another trick is to use a pillow or other support to prop yourself up. If you’re a woman who struggles to get down in tabletop or doggy, this can help ease your transition. Plus, it can add extra height to your partner’s action, which is always a big turn on. This is one of the best sex positions for nipple stimulation, too.

3. Missionary

A version of the classic missionary, this is a fun position to try on your lover in the bedroom. One partner cradles the other, then enters them from behind with a sex toy or dildo. It’s a safe, intimate and deeply pleasurable position for vulnerable morning sex or just for slowing things down.

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To liven this up, try adding edging to the mix or having the person on top use a pillow to elevate their pelvis, Fleming says. You can also introduce a variation called Wheelbarrow, in which the receiving partner’s legs are wrapped around their back.

“Instead of entering the girl from a perpendicular position, you can close your thighs and rub her vulva and clitoris,” Van Kirk says. This can stimulate her clitoris to a whole new level, leading to intense orgasms. “In this position, you can control the speed, depth and angle of penetration,” she adds. “You can grind between held thrusts.” This one is also great for doing on a staircase, with the woman grabbing onto the banister to add extra resistance.

4. Lap Dance

When it comes to sex positions for women that are fun but still intimate, Lap Dance is a great option. It’s an easy way to feel like a cuddly courtesan, and it arouses both the clit and G-spot to bring on those orgasms.

This rear entry sex position can be done on the floor, bed or even in a chair. Just have the person on the bottom straddle their lower leg and mount their upper leg with their feet facing away from each other and then rock back and forth. It’s easiest for her to straddle his thighs and then move her pelvis up and down on his lap.

He can help by reaching up over her shoulder and holding her breasts or stroking them seductively. He can also fondle her clitoris, which is getting very little stimulation in this position. This version of the Cowgirl sex position can be especially hot if he uses his hands to suck her hard and deep while she moves her crotch around. The slow rocking motion is almost hypnotizing and can make her moan.

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5. Cowgirl

Cowgirl (also known as the cowboy, rider or receiver position) recently underwent a major rebranding, moving away from the gendered “girl” title to one that’s open to people of all gender identities. Described by many as mutually satisfying and empowering for the person on top, this fun sex position is all about the stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris. Try it with a vibrator ring or strap-on to enhance the sensations.

While it’s not as intense as a Kamasutra position, if you want to increase the intensity of cowgirl, try bending forward over your partner, Smith says. This allows your clitoris to rub against their pelvic bone, increasing the pleasure you’re both feeling. It’s a great position to experiment with your clitoral stimulation and may help you reach a climax faster. You can also use this sex position to suck, tease or kiss your partner’s nipples or neck. It also works great for oral sex, since you can easily move around to different positions for a variety of sensations. You can even try reverse cowgirl, in which the person on top faces away from their partner during penetration.