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Sex Positions to Spice it Up

Certified sex therapists recommend trying out some of these positions to spice up your lovemaking and get you both orgasming. Especially if you have a high sex drive, having more positions in your arsenal will allow you to switch things up quickly and easily, so you can keep going longer.

Lotus Position

The Lotus Position is a classic, close-up sex position with tons of potential for intimacy and stimulation. The penetrating partner sits on a surface, criss-cross applesauce style, while the receiving partner lies down straddling them chest to chest with their legs tucked up around their torso. They can then either perform vaginal or anal penetration through a penis, dildo, or even their fingers. This position can be slow and soulful or vigorous and wild, and it’s ideal for fondling erogenous zones.

For an extra dose of pleasure, the top partner can rock their hips back and forth to add a fluid grinding sensation. It’s also a great way to enhance the feeling of up and down thrusts by synchronizing your breathing. Skyler suggests connecting your inhale to your up-and-down thrusts to really get the blood pumping and create a syncopated rhythm that’ll increase feelings of intimacy.

Draped Lotus is an especially pleasurable variation on the standard lotus position for couples that are more flexible or want a different penetrative sensation. To achieve it, the partners can wrap their arms around each other while lifting their legs up over their partners’ shoulders so they rest their knees on their partners’ arms and their feet are in the air behind their partners’ bodies.

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Adding a vibrator to this intimate and sensual position will up the intensity even more and make it “feel like sexy heaven,” says Queen. It’ll give both partners the chance to lick and rub each other’s clit, while rubbing their hands together and engaging in erotic conversation or simple eye contact.

The V-Shaped Valedictorian

This sex position is a great variation on classic missionary that will add some depth to your penetration. Lie down with your partner and raise your legs until they form a V, then let them enter you from behind. The deep pressure on your vulva and clitoris will be super stimulating for both of you. You may want to use some lube for this one.

For those that enjoy rough sex, this is a sexy position that you can use on the bed or somewhere more risque. The football-themed position makes it easy for the guy to reach his hand down inside and penetrate deeper than a normal position. Be careful not to hit the cervix though.

If you’re on the smaller side, this is a good position to use with your guy. It can be hard to achieve full penetration with your legs spread wide in a standard missionary position, but you’ll have no problem with the valedictorian. You can also play around with the tilt of your pelvis for some added sensation.

If you’re looking for a sexy way to spice up Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect position. This sexy twist on butterfly will give him a sexy view of all your assets and will stimulate your clitoris and G-spot for maximum pleasure. Plus, rubbing against each other will be an added bonus.

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The Sideways Twist

If you and your partner are in a sex slump, try this position to bring back the heady days of lust and romance. He sits up, back against the wall or headboard and she assumes a seated position, straddling him from the front. This classic sex position has all the hot face-to-face intimacy of missionary and offers plenty of room for deep penetration. Make it extra fun by sucking on her neck and rubbing her nipples. This might even get her to a nipple orgasm, which only 29 percent of women in one study claimed to have experienced.

For another twist on a traditional sex position, have her straddle him a single leg at a time. This is a variation of the Cowgirl position and provides her with ample G-spot stimulation. It also gives her the opportunity to grind up against him, providing clitoral stimulation that might even bring on an orgasm.

For a football-themed sex move, have her lie on her stomach while he kneels behind her, entering from the rear like a wide receiver and taking the ball into the end zone. This gives him lots of leverage for G-spot-hitting thrusts and can be made hotter by a guy who’s packing a big penis. The friction in this position can even lead to a throat orgasm, and she can use her hands to explore his backside, legs and hips for more pleasure.

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Straddle Position

If you’ve been doing the same sex position all session long, it’s time to try some new moves. Switching up the sex positions can add exciting new sensations that keep the spark alive between you and your partner. It can also help you last longer during sex.

Using the straddle position during sex can add a new twist to your routine. Essentially, he sits with his legs straight out in front of him and you lower yourself between his thighs. You can place cushions under your head and on the floor to support yourself if necessary. This position works well for sexrcise because it allows you to move up and down on his cock, as well as rotate your head for some G-spot contact.

The straddle position is also great for oral sex. You can have your partner insert their penis or sex toy and then rub the area with your hand or tongue, giving them an orgasm while at the same time providing deep penetration. This position is a good alternative to missionary and doggy style, which can get repetitive.

This Kama Sutra-inspired position requires a little more flexibility than other positions, but the results are worth it. Lie on your back and cross your legs Rockettes-style, then bring them to each other as close to your chest as possible. Your partner can then enter you with a penis or sex toy, and then you can go for deep penetration while keeping your face to his to maintain eye contact.