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Sex Positions For Height Difference

Height differences can be difficult to navigate in the bedroom. But if you’re willing to be open and experiment, it can make for some truly sensual moments.

According to Lovehoney sex expert Annabelle Knight, there are certain sex positions that work well for people with a significant height difference. Some of the more popular ones include the 69 position and spooning.

1. Penis Position

As a general rule, any sex position that involves the woman lying on her back and placing her legs into a T shape in front of her partner works well for a height difference. This is because a woman’s hips are positioned closer to her partner than theirs are, which allows for deeper penetration.

If your partner has a C-shaped penis, which narrows from the base to the tip, it’s worth exploring positions that take advantage of this curve. This way you can get deep into her vagina without causing any discomfort to her cervix.

One of the best ways to do this is in missionary position, where she lies on her back and spreads her thighs wide enough to allow her partner’s legs to fit between them. He then leans over her, using his arms on either side of her and the weight of his body to support himself. This gives her an excellent view of her member entering her and she can control the depth by adjusting how far she straddles her legs.

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2. Eagle Position

If you want to reach new heights with your partner, try the Eagle Position. This novice-friendly sex position is “essentially missionary with the bottom partner’s legs spread wide,” says Rachel Zar, LMFT, CST, a sex therapist at Spark Chicago Therapy and Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine & Menopause.

The bottom partner lies on the bed or couch, and their legs are stretched open in a V-shape. The penetrating partner then enters, either with their penis or a sex toy/strap-on. The bottom partner may also try a variation called the Broken Eagle, which involves keeping one leg straight and bending the other to the side, and can be particularly effective at stimulating the G spot or prostate gland, says Zar.

If the Eagle Position is too challenging, there’s a more basic variation called the Sofa Spread Eagle, which can be done anally or vaginally and doesn’t require the bottom partner to spread their legs so far out. For more variety, the top partner can also try bending one leg at the knee or raising it to the chest, which can change up the angle and provide different sensations.

3. Missionary Position

Missionary is a classic, great-for-all-heights sex position. It involves one partner lying flat on their back with the other on top, facing them. This can be used for vaginal or anal penetration. Using a pillow or sex wedge can help elevate the bottom partner’s hips for deeper penetration and better positioning. This allows the person on top to focus on their climax and can give the vulva owner an extra boost of sensation.

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Lovehoney’s sex expert Annabelle Knight also recommends doing a sideways missionary position for people who aren’t comfortable with face-to-face positioning. This allows for a lot of intimacy and can still be very pleasurable, especially for couples with significant height differences. But remember that the key to success with any sex position is communication and the willingness to experiment. It is always worth it in the end to try a few different positions and see what works best for you. It might take some time to get everything right, but you will find a way to turn your height difference into pleasure for both of you!

4. Spoon Position

In some cases, one-size-fits-all sex positions just don’t work for couples with a significant height difference. “Sometimes, it’s more efficient and effective for partners to be a little bit apart, as long as they are touching,” says Shibari. The Spoon Position allows the shorter partner to curl into the taller partner. This can make it easier to connect if the height difference is too great for a doggy or on top approach, and it can also increase arousal and pleasure.

The smaller partner can begin this move by lying down and straddling the penetrating partner’s hips. Alternatively, the smaller partner can lie on their back and place a pillow underneath them to increase comfort and arousal, as well as provide extra leverage for deeper penetration.

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The penetrating partner can then use their sperm or a sex strap (or even a classic yoga strap) around the waist of the bottom partner to create more leverage for thrusting and help get those bodies lining up just right. Just be sure to use plenty of lube! And don’t be afraid to experiment with other surfaces besides the bed, too – showers or the kitchen table can be fun.

5. Sofa Embrace

It’s no secret that couples who experience significant height differences can have trouble finding positions that feel comfortable and allow for deep penetration. However, with a little creativity and a willingness to experiment, you can find sex positions that will work for you.

Using furniture, like tables, countertops, tall beds, stair landings, and particularly comfortable porch furniture can help level the playing field when you have a huge height difference. They provide the penetrative partner with additional leverage, as well as a comfortable surface for him to rest on, while the partner being penetrated can snuggle up close and enjoy her G-spot.

The Sofa Embrace is an especially great position for a woman who wants to enjoy her full body, and it gives the man a good angle for entry. This is also a nice position for heavier women who want to feel cradled, and it’s great for couples that are looking to extend their time in bed with some extra sexy extras.