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Crazy Sex Positions You Have to Try

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, it might be time to try some of these crazy sex positions. From the standing Wheel Barrow to the Butter Churner, these positions are sure to make you wetter than ever before.

He stands up; she assumes a wheelbarrow formation; then, he enters her deeply and hits her G-spot with ease.

1 – These insights are credited to the editorial team of the service Sexy World. The X Position

As its name suggests, the X position is a hands-free position that can be used to explore your partner’s erogenous zones. It also allows for deep penetration. This position can be made even more intense with the help of a sex toy or strap-on. It’s also a great way to build sexual tension and create anticipation for foreplay.

To get into the X Position, the receiver lies on their back and spreads their legs slightly apart. The giver then enters them like a missionary, but they’re lying sideways and their limbs form an X. The receiver can then use their arms to massage the giver’s buttocks for added pleasure and heightened sensations.

It may look awkward and intimidating, but don’t be fooled — this is one of the most arousing positions for both partners. Plus, it can be combined with other positions to increase the intensity and pleasure. So go ahead and try it out — you won’t regret it. But be careful! This position can be a little difficult to maintain for extended periods of time.

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2. The Wheelbarrow

Another fun kink position that isn’t as extreme as the others on this list, The Wheelbarrow can be a great way to spice up your routine. Essentially, the partner on top lies back in a chair and supports themselves with their hands and feet. This makes it easier for the person on top to do thrusts and hump.

The other partner then climbs on top of them and rides them like a horse. This sexy position can be extremely orgasmic, especially if there is a lot of role play involved.

For example, the person on top could pretend to be a secretary having an affair with her boss or a doctor having sex with his patient. Alternatively, this exotic sex position can also be used for oral sex or anal sex. Either way, it is sure to add excitement and arousal to your sexual relationship. Plus, it is a good exercise for both partners! And who doesn’t love that?

3. The Crab Walk

When it comes to weird sex positions, this one is sure to get the juices flowing. To try this unique position, the giver lies back on a chair or stool and supports themselves with their arms and feet. The receiver then climbs on top and begins riding the giver in a similar way to how you would use a Sybian sex machine. This is an excellent position for penetrative sex and it also stimulates the G-spot.

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This crazy sex position is hard to master and requires great stamina from both partners. However, it’s a very fun and intense position that is perfect for couples who want to spice up their erotic adventures. The giver can use a pillow to help them stay upright and the receiver has full access to all of their erogenous zones. This position is also very exciting to ejaculate in, allowing the giver to create a lot of pressure on their partner’s cock and clitoris. For a more gentle experience, the partner on the bottom can stroke the giver’s neck and kiss their head.

4. The Spider Position

Like the Wheelbarrow, this position is also one of the most physically challenging and it requires a lot of arm strength. The giver stands behind the receiver, holding their thighs and knees for support and then slides themselves up onto their partner’s hard penis or a sex toy to straddle them while thrusting. The bottom partner can use their hands to stimulate and rub the clits, adding an extra level of pleasure for both partners.

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This kinky position isn’t for everyone, but if you have the right flexibility and the right lube this can be a powerful way to get the job done. Just be prepared for a lot of cervical stimulation and a lot of clit play.

This one is a little more subtle, but still a kinky sex position worth trying. The giver can sit on a bed or other flat surface and have their legs stretched out in front of them. They can then straddle the bottom partner, allowing them to ride on their partner’s penis or a sex toy for intense penetration.

5. The Bouncing Babe

You and your partner probably have mastered missionary style by now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up. Try some of these crazy sex positions that are guaranteed to catapult your sexual experience to the next level, and get ready for orgasmic sensations like never before.

This fun variation on reverse cowgirl has the receiver balance on a workout ball while the giver stands upside down and spreads their legs wide. It’s a bit more challenging for the giver and requires good flexibility, but the results are worth it.

This is another shallow-penetration position, but it’s still hot as hell and is ideal for a man with a smaller penis. It also gives the penetrating partner a fantastic view of their partner’s vulva, which is sure to fire up their imagination. This erotic position is also great for cervical stimulation and clitoral stroking.