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Fun Sex Positions With Your Husband

There are plenty of different sex positions that you can try with your husband that will give both of you new pleasure sensations. These fun sex positions will add new levels of excitement to penetration, and some offer a unique angle of entry.

The Cowgirl position is similar to the Missionary but allows you to grind your clitoris against his back or tail bone. This has less thrusting and is a great way to make your penetration last longer and go deeper.

1. Woman-on-Top

For this fun sex position, the man sits on a chair or the edge of the bed while the woman shuffles into his lap. He then supports her with his hands to prevent her from tipping backwards, allowing you to get deep penetration while still enjoying some sexual play.

This Kamasutra-inspired sex position is one of our favorites because it’s so much fun. To do it, have your husband bend one knee as he’s lying on his stomach so that you can straddle him and grind your clitoris against his thigh.

This is a great sex position to try when you want to slow down, relax, and enjoy your time together. As you’re grinding, experiment with different angles and depths to find the ones that hit your sweet spots most effectively. It takes practice, but once you master this position, you’ll never want to go back! Interested in trying more sex positions? Get access to our entire library with a Marriage365 Membership. Save $30 off now! Offer ends soon. Click here to learn more!

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2. Missionary

One of the most basic sex positions is missionary. It’s usually the go-to position for first timers because it allows the partners to look in each other’s eyes and pleasure each other throughout sex.

But it’s easy to make missionary feel more exciting and stimulating. For starters, the penetrative partner can add more friction to the experience by putting their hands in between their thighs. This position will stimulate the inner thigh and labia, which can lead to orgasm.

Another way to increase the sensation is by putting a pillow or sex wedge on the bottom partner’s body. This will lift their hips, giving the partner on top the perfect angle for penetration. It’ll also provide stimulation to the G-spot — the sensitive area located on the upper wall of the vagina.

The partner on the bottom can also rotate their hips up or down to figure out different angles for penetration and to experience new points of stimulation, Litner says. And they can play with the legs to see if crossing their legs or keeping them together provides more pleasure.

3. Butterfly

For a more advanced version of missionary (or the shower sex position that you and your husband are so into), try the Butterfly sex position. This is a fun variation that involves the penetrating partner standing upright in front of their partner with their penis or dildo in place, while the partner being penetrated leans back into the stool.

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The penetrating partner can guide the toy in by hand or use a strap-on, and then the bottom partner either drapes their legs over their top’s shoulders or rests them on the seat of the chair for more support. The bottom partner can also relax their hands in the lap of their partner to offer cervical stimulation and clitoral play.

Of course, not every sex position will be a hit for every couple, so it’s important to have an open mind and communicate with your spouse about what feels good and what doesn’t. Just remember to take it slow and make sure your pelvic area is well supported before attempting any sex positions that could lead to pain or injury.

4. Side-to-Side Missionary

Some couples like to stick with sex positions they know well for comfort and familiarity, but adding new positions can shake things up and bring in fresh sensations. This 69 position is fun for both partners and doesn’t require penetration. It’s perfect if you don’t feel like a big effort after a long day and just want to focus on pleasure.

Start in missionary position and then have your partner pull their top leg over your bottom. This allows them to rub their crotch against your inner thighs and labia for orgasm-inducing friction. You can also close your legs and let his penis rest against them to stimulate your clitoris.

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This variation on the missionary position is more acrobatic and feels a bit like doing a yoga twist in the air! It can be a great sex position for well-endowed couples because it gives them the chance to enjoy their clitoris and vulva from an angle that’s closer to the ground. It can also be fun to rock back and forth with your partner in this position for sexy movement and extra stimulation.

5. Cowgirl

One of the classics that never goes out of style, the cowgirl sex position is easy to master and a pleasure-giver for both partners. Whether you call it girl on top, cowperson, rider, or another name, this mounted position is pleasurable for women and men of all gender identities, psychotherapist and sex therapist Melinda DeSeta, tells mbg.

In this sex position, the penetrator lies on their back while the receiver straddles them in a squat position on top. The person on top can either brace themselves by putting their arms behind their head or support themselves with their legs, depending on what feels best.

The person on top can also lean forward or backward for different angles of penetration and clitoral stimulation. They can graze their partner’s penis, grind against their own clitoris, or use a sex toy on their anus to enhance sensation. It’s important to experiment with the position until you find what’s most satisfying, DeSeta says.