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Shower Sex Positions

When it comes to shower sex, there are some things you need to keep in mind. These include: using lube (it helps to have waterproof options), keeping water in your eyes, and not slipping or falling down.

The penetrating partner can stand against the wall of a tub or on the seat of a shower to create stability. They then place their feet on the ledge of the tub for more leverage.

Bedside Doggy Style

While doggy style can feel amazing for partners with penis, it can also feel uncomfortable or even painful if your partner tries to penetrate too deeply. “If you have a sensitive cervix or anal area, pounding an object straight down into your rear end can cause pain or discomfort,” says Private Parts Unknown co-host Courtney Kocak.

To solve this, try a variation on the position that allows your partner to enter you from the front instead of the back. They can place their hands on the shower wall or rim of the tub and hold onto it as they thrust. This makes it easy for them to fine-tune the angle to hit your sweet spot.

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Plus, it’s a great way to get erotic in the bathroom without sacrificing your shower time. If you don’t have a tall enough piece of furniture to use, you can also find a sturdy chair to kneel on or, if your partner is a lot shorter than you, even a staircase works. Just be sure to make a safety plan to prevent falling!

Kneeling Doggie Style

If your tub is too small to do a full cowgirl, try this shower sex position. With the giver standing, the receiver places their hands on the shower wall and leans forward (keep your knees bent for comfort). Then the partner enters them from behind, using their hands or a sex toy to pleasure the receiver’s penis, lips, breasts, and clitoris, says Astroglide sexologist Jess O’Reilly. This is also an easy way to have oral sex in the shower, and it’s a good choice for those who don’t want their crotch exposed.

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You can also use this shower sex pose as an opportunity for anal penetration, but make sure you use enough waterproof lube to keep things wet. This isn’t the best sex position for first-time shower sexers, but it’s perfect for more experienced couples who aren’t afraid to get a little steamy in the bath. You can even make this shower sex position more romantic by straddling your partner like a lap dance and riding them while the water sluices around you both.

Standing Doggy Style

If you and your partner are comfortable with standing doggy, the shower can be a fun place to take it up a notch. Just be sure to clean out your shower so soap scum and whorls of hair aren’t getting in the way, and don’t forget the lube.

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Have the giving partner lean against a shower wall or bench with their legs spread out and their booty sticking out, then straddle them. They can then penetrate you with a penis or strap-on, finger you, use a waterproof vibrator, and do whatever else their heart (and body) desires.

While it may seem intimidating to try a new sex position in the shower, sex experts say to approach the conversation with positivity and curiosity, and outline some rules for safety, comfort, and pleasure before you dive into the unknown. Plus, remember to switch condoms between your anus and vagina to avoid spreading bacteria that could lead to a urinary tract or yeast infection. And, if you’re worried about your partner slipping and falling out of the tub, try putting their feet up on a shower rail or doorknob to boost stability.