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Best Anal Sex Positions For Men

There are a lot of options when it comes to anal sex, but finding the right position can be challenging. The right position can make the difference between a smooth orgasm and an oh-so-satisfying one.

A good anal position is one that allows the giver to vary penetration speed and depth, as well as provides easy access for clitoral stimulation. Here are some of our favourite anal sex positions:


One of the more common anal sex positions, spooning is easy to perform but can feel intimate and satisfying. To do it, your partner lies down on their back and you lean your body up against them like a spoon, forming the shape of an X or a cross. You can adjust the position by spreading your legs, cheeks, or thighs to make it more comfortable for you. This anal sex position is also a great choice for beginners as it doesn’t require any deep penetration or force.

If you’re a giver who wants to be dominating and powerful during anal sex, try the Bulldog position. Queen recommends performing this anal sex position in the middle of the bed, as it can be easier to move around in and gives you control over the anal penetration. If your partner is new to anal sex, be patient with them as they experience the initial sensation of insertion – This fragment showcases the research of the website’s editorial team Make eye contact and encourage them to breathe deeply through the initial pressure to help relax and ease into the anal sex sensation.

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Another anal sex position that can be a bit challenging but is worth the effort is the Bodyguard position. To perform it, you and your partner stand upright and face each other while he lowers himself over you from behind. You can make this sex position even more intimate by wrapping your arms around him or putting your hands under his thighs to help support him.

Face Up

The face up position is great for those who are trying anal sex for the first time, as it is intimate and comfortable. The giver can easily caress and make out with their partner while the receiver can enjoy being rubbed and caressed in this way. They also have more control over how deep and fast they are being penetrated, which can make this a great position for beginners to ease into anal sex.

The Pearly Gates sex position is another good anal sex position for beginners as it makes penetration easy and can be really hot. This position is similar to the Missionary but instead of the giver leaning on their hands on the bed, they need to stand or kneel and then mount you by pushing their thighs into your stomach. This makes it easier for the giver to enter anal sex with you and can add a nice bit of rough sex too.

The See Saw anal sex position is super comfy and can be a bit tricky to get into but once it’s set up, it’s a lot of fun. To set up the position, you’ll need a pair of dildos and you’ll want to suction them together so that they form a cross with each other – like the name suggests. Then your man can start pounding you and you can push back against him for even more intense pleasure.

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Face Down

This position might seem a little on the naughty side, but it’s actually very intimate and good for anal sex. As the name suggests, your partner lies down on their stomach while you lean back against them. They’ll then straddle you and position their pelvis right under your bum for entry. The position is non-threatening and comfortable for both partners, especially if you add pillows under your butt or hips for leverage.

Sex expert Tyomi Morgan recently shared a YouTube video about her favorite anal sex positions, including this one. She explains that the position is similar to Missionary, but it works even better for anal because you’re closer to your partner. She recommends adding a pillow under your butt to raise it up slightly, which will help him gain more access to your anus.

This anal sex position is great for beginners because it’s easy to do and gives the receiver a lot of control over depth and pace. The giver can also shift their weight to change up the sensations and use a strap-on for more leverage. If you have a big booty, try spreading your legs and cheeks instead of putting them together since this will make it easier for him to penetrate you. You can also add a pillow on your head for more comfort and to prevent your head from aching.

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On Top

The best anal sex positions for men that leave you feeling a little more intimate include the Cowgirl Position and the Pearly Gates Pose. In the Cowgirl Pose, you straddle your partner with one leg on each of their knees and the other leg resting against the ground. You can also use a pillow or other soft surface to adjust the angle of entry and give your man an even more intense anal penetration.

The Pearly Gates Pose is similar to the Cowgirl Pose, but you don’t have your legs spread as wide, which can make it easier for you to access your anus. You can also use a pillow to raise your hips, which makes it easier for him to thrust in and out.

Another fun and intimate anal sex position is the Bodyguard position, which is like spooning but with both partners standing up. You can also try it with a pillow under your knees to help you balance or use a softer memory foam pillow that won’t compress as much as regular pillows.

This anal sex position requires more control than others, so it’s better for experienced couples. The giver should be familiar with their partner’s preferred depth and pace since they get more control in this position. However, it’s still a good anal sex position for beginners because it allows them to practice slow and deep penetration before moving on to more intense thrusting.