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Best Sex Positions While Pregnant

During the third trimester, many positions that involve lying on your back can restrict blood flow to your baby. Try this rear-entry sex position instead, by propping yourself up in a chair and letting your partner enter from behind.

This is a good choice because it lets you control penetration depth and angle, and you can touch your clitoris for extra stimulation.

Side by Side

During the first trimester, when your bump is teeny or nonexistent, any position that felt good pre-pregnancy should still feel fine, as long as you’re not experiencing uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms like nausea, bloating or constipation. That said, as you move into the second trimester and beyond, some positions that were go-tos before pregnancy may start to feel less comfortable as your belly gets bigger.

One easy modification to try is spooning, in which you lie sideways and your partner lies behind you. This lowers the amount of pressure on your belly and allows you to caress your partner’s chest or breasts while he penetrates you with his penis.

Another option is reverse cowgirl, in which you straddle your partner and let them enter you from behind with their penis or strap-on dildo. This position is also great for the third trimester, as it prevents your partner from putting too much pressure on your stomach and gives you control over the speed and depth of penetration. You can also use this position to stimulate your clitoris with friction and manual stimulation.

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In the second and third trimester, when laying on your back is becoming uncomfortable for you and your partner, spooning is an excellent alternative. Have your partner lie behind you, and use their hands or toys to pleasure your nipples, clitoris, or scrotum. This position also allows your partner to penetrate you at a comfortable pace, and you can still enjoy anal sex if you want.

This position is also great for late-stage pregnancy, when a rear-entry might feel more comfortable than the traditional cowgirl-style, which can feel a bit unwieldy with a large belly, Shepherd says. “You can control penetration depth, and you can also stimulate the G-spot,” she adds.

You can mix up this position by intertwining your legs with your partner’s, or by bending the big spoon’s top leg slightly for G-spot stimulation. Just be sure to talk about which angles feel best for you and your partner before settling into this position. For even more variation, try reverse cowgirl, where you are on top but face your partner’s toes. That position also provides a nice orgasmic kick.


Many pregnant women find the missionary position to be one of the most satisfying sex positions because it allows for face-to-face contact. It also allows the partner to vary the speed and depth of penetration and provides good clitoral stimulation, says Shepherd. However, as the pregnancy progresses and the woman’s belly grows, the position may become less comfortable. Using pillows to prop up the woman can help, but it’s still not as safe as side-lying positions.

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Another option is rear entry, which can be done while lying down or standing up, as long as the partner is careful not to overstrain their back and the cervix. The partner leans against a wall, bed, or whatever is available to brace themselves and enters the mother from behind with their penis or a toy. This position can work at any point in the pregnancy, but it’s especially effective in the third trimester, when the uterus and bladder are most sensitive, as it reduces pressure on the cervix. It also opens the door to deeper penetration and a range of other sensations for both partners, including stroking, grinding, or vibrating.

The Anvil

During the first trimester, most positions will still feel good (assuming you’re not dealing with nausea, bloating, constipation or exhaustion) but things can start to change as your belly gets bigger. For example, laying on your back can compress your vena cava (the major blood vessel that brings nutrients and oxygen to the baby), which can put pressure on you and your partner, warns Dr. Diana Okuniewski.

Having your partner straddle you and lean their feet against the wall can help relieve pressure on your pelvis, stomach and back. This position also lets your partner penetrate or stimulate your clitoris without touching your belly, she says.

Another great option is reverse cowgirl, which is also a safe sex position for pregnancy because it allows your partner to enter from behind. To get into this position, have your partner lie on their stomach with their legs bent and straddle you, then bend their knees to enter and stimulate your clitoris. It can be fun to vary the angle and depth of penetration by widening your leg stance or leaning forward.

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You may find your go-to sex positions may change with pregnancy. But don’t be afraid to try new ones! As long as the position feels good and you’re comfortable, most sex positions are safe to do during your pregnancy.

For this sex position, you and your partner lie on your backs side by side. Your partner then lifts their leg and puts it on your chest so they can enter you from behind without putting pressure on your abdomen, Ghofrany says. This is a great position to use with external stimulation, such as clitoral stimulation, fingering and external vibration, and can lead to orgasm.

While anal sex is fine in any trimester, it’s best to only practice it during the first and second trimesters to avoid pressure on your bladder (which can trigger the urge to urinate). To make anal sex more enjoyable, add lube and anal toys like a Womanizer Premium to stimulate your clitoris, O’Reilly says. Just be sure to wash your hands afterward to prevent the spread of bacteria. And remember, if you’re using external stimulation, don’t move the toy from your anus to your vagina—it could cause painful hemorrhoids.