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What is a Lesbian Top, Bottom, and Verse?

Tops, bottoms, and verses (or switches) are terms that refer to specific sexual preferences within the LGBTQ community. They generally refer to a person’s preference for being dominant during sex.

While these labels can help with conversations, everyone is different. All sexual dynamics look different and are completely valid.


Women who are sexually, romantically and/or emotionally attracted to other women are referred to as lesbians. Lesbians can be cisgender, transgender or non-binary. The word lesbian comes from the Greek poet Sappho, who wrote about her attraction to women.

A female who dresses more feminine is referred to as a femme. A female who dresses more masculine is referred to as a butch. The term is often used as an insult. But it can also be a compliment as it indicates that the woman is confident and self-assured.

When two women hit it off, it is not uncommon for them to become a couple and move in together after only a short time of dating. This is due to the hormone oxytocin, which encourages close bonding.

A woman who prefers to be the penetrator during sex is known as a “top.” This can include penetration, oral sex or other acts. This can be a preference or a condition resulting from trauma or illness. Some tops choose to be the receiver during sex and others switch roles regularly.

There are many myths about lesbians and it is important to understand the different labels that people use. However, it is also important to realise that lesbians are more than just a label or stereotype. It is also important to recognise that not all lesbians identify with the same labels and it is ok for individuals to mix gender expressions.

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The terms “top” and “bottom” are common in heterosexual contexts, but it can be confusing to understand what they mean for lesbians. The term can be used to describe a person’s role in sex, as well as their gender expression and sexual orientation. A lot of people identify as both a top and a bottom, and some of them also switch up their roles in different relationships.

In sex, a top is the person who penetrates their partner or gives oral sex. They may also tie their partners up. This type of role can be fun for both parties. However, some people find it more enjoyable to only receive pleasure in sex. They may want to be a “pillow princess.”

A masculine lesbian is someone who presents primarily as male but with some feminine characteristics. Some of these people may also use the terms tomboy or stemme. Others may call themselves a dyke, which is considered a slur by some people.

These people are often a little more on the masculine side and enjoy sports and other competitive activities. They are also more likely to wear baggy T-shirts. They may also wear some form of facial hair, such as a beard or moustache. They are also more likely to have a job in a male-dominated field or industry.

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A butch lesbian is a woman who presents herself in an androgynous way. This includes clothing, style and mannerisms that are deemed masculine. These women may also take on’masculine’ jobs or careers – like police work, firefighting or racing car driving. The 19th century butch lesbian Anne Lister, who featured in the BBC period drama Gentleman Jack is a great example of this.

Butch lesbians can sometimes be misunderstood by straight people. They might be accused of trying to be men or even of transitioning. However, queer culture has always made space for gender-bending aesthetics and identities. It is important to support butches by using the right pronouns and helping raise awareness of LGBTQ issues.

The defining feature of a butch lesbian is her clothing and style. She might prefer a masculine-looking haircut, such as a she-mullet or a crew cut. She might also be fond of leather jackets and Oxford shoes. She might read serious books, rather than chick lit and might play a musical instrument, such as guitar or drums.

A butch lesbian might have a pet dog. It might be a small breed, such as a chihuahua or a miniature poodle, but it could also be a large breed, such as a mastiff. She might also be a sports enthusiast and be into softball, disc golf, running or basketball. She might like a particular music genre, such as metal or rock.

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If you’re a lesbian or non-binary femme, chances are you’ve heard the terms top, bottom, and switch used in queer spaces. These labels can be confusing, especially if you’re not quite sure what they mean or how they apply to you. The good news is that there are lots of different sexual positions available to LGBTQ+ women and non-binary people.

If your sexual preferences lean towards both giving and receiving pleasure, you’re probably a switch. This is a term similar to “verse” among gay men, and it refers to people who enjoy both topping and bottoming in various situations. They can also switch back and forth between them during a single sexual experience, or enjoy them separately in kink scenarios.

There are some who are not interested in being a switch, and that’s perfectly fine. They may want to be the bottom or the top every time, for example. However, most switches find that they get the most pleasure out of alternating their roles with each partner or switching between them in different sexual situations.

If you’re a switch, don’t be afraid to talk to your sexual partners about what works for them, too. Sexual compatibility is based on a lot of factors, and it’s possible to have a great relationship even if you both prefer one role over the other at times.