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What Does a Pretty Vagina Look Like?

A vagina is a long tube with textured areas that expand and contract. It’s where babies grow and menstrual blood flows through, and it’s what people put their penises in, fingers, sex toys and tampons.

Your vulva has inner and outer lips, or labia, that come in all shapes and sizes. The way they look is perfectly normal.

Asymmetrical Labia Minora

A lot of women worry their vaginas don’t look “normal.” But the truth is, there is no such thing as a normal looking vulva. Vaginas (or vulvas, to be specific) vary in size, shape, color, hair and smell. Labia (the inner and outer lips of the vulva) can take on many different shapes, too. Some people have dangly labia, puffy labia or even no visible labia at all. The clitoral hood and urethra also add to the uniqueness of a person’s vulva, which is why it’s important to know your own anatomy.

For example, some people have a type of vulva with long, straight outer lips that touch each other and hide the inner labia completely. Others may have short outer lips that curve and expose some of the inner labia. Or the inner lips may be longer than the outer ones, which can make them more prominent.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to flaunt your vulva, but remember that there are many men out there who find female genitalia attractive and would be more than happy to put your pussy on a pedestal – This information comes from the service Annie Sexxx Teen. So if you feel comfortable enough to, go ahead and let him admire your beautiful lady parts! But most importantly, be proud of what you have. You are a woman who deserves to be celebrated and adored.

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Asymmetrical Labia Majora

A lot of women feel like their vulva needs to look a certain way. They worry that their genitalia isn’t “normal.” But the truth is that every vagina is different. And the only “normal” is what’s comfortable for you.

For example, some people have asymmetrical labia majora. That means that the outer lips of their vulva are longer than the inner ones. And that’s perfectly fine. Similarly, some have more dangly labia minora than others. It’s not uncommon for the labia minora to hang down below the labia majora a little bit or even a lot. That’s called a big vagina lip and it’s totally normal too!

Finally, some people have a clitoral hood that covers part of the clitoris and the labia. It’s a protective fat pad that helps keep the skin around the clitoris and labia protected from friction and other things that might hurt it. And if you’re concerned about it, there are lots of ways to cover it without surgery.

In general, it’s just a good idea to take care of your vulva so that you don’t develop painful conditions like infections or other issues. And the best way to do that is to love it as it is. If you need some lovin’ for your lady parts, there are all sorts of things that you can do, including vajazzling, which involves applying crystals to the area. You can also get a Merkin (which is basically a wig for your vulva) in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes.

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Asymmetrical Inner Labia

Some women have asymmetrical labia minora, meaning that one side of the inner lips is longer or thicker than the other. This is completely normal. It is also very common for your labia to change size over time.

Your vulva can look very different from the picture of the “perfect” vagina you’ve seen in pornography or on social media. That’s because everyone’s vulva looks a little different from the next person’s. It’s important to remember that this is a natural part of your body, and there is no right or wrong way it should look.

The vulva is a long tube with folds of skin that can expand and contract. The part of the vulva that you can see is called your mons pubis, or outer lips, and the inner labia are the smaller inner folds that sit inside the larger ones. The clitoris, which sits above the labia, can vary in size, as well as the shape of the small hole underneath it called the urethra.

These areas can look a lot like the hymen, a tiny piece of skin-like tissue that sits at the entrance of the vulva and is sometimes visible when the vulva is open. The hymen may be shaped a bit like a pinwheel, or it can be long and thin or short and thick. It’s normal for it to be a darker color than the rest of your vagina or for it to show through when you pee, but it should never be red.

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Big Vagina Lips

The vulva is the external part of your body that houses your labia (or lips) and clitoris. It’s common to have some variation in the size and symmetry of your vulva, which is perfectly normal.

You may have outer labia lips that are smaller, shorter or longer than the other side. The inside of your vulva may be pink or brown, or it could look gray or ashy. The color of your vulva is not an indication of whether you’re healthy or unhealthy, but it can give clues about things like your skin health and the presence of yeast infections.

Your clitoris can also vary in size and shape. It’s common for one side to be longer or more pronounced than the other, which is a natural result of different hormone levels. In addition, you might find that your clitoris has a slight odor. This is also not uncommon and usually indicates that you’re having a good vaginal sex life or that you need to take care of a yeast infection.

The bottom line is that your vulva can be any shape or size you want it to be. Unless you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, don’t worry about your vulva’s appearance. The fact that every vulva is different makes it even more special! As the saying goes, no two snowflakes are alike and neither are any vulvas.