Octavia Red: Setting the Standards in Virtual Reality Adult Films

At 26 years young, Octavia Red, a Los Angeles native, is an adult model and porn star who has recently been on the rise in virtual reality (VR) erotic films. Since 2020, she has been steadily growing her passion, creating 65 great videos for networks including Naughty America, Brazzers, and Reality Kings. 

Her Unique Background

Octavia Red VR – SwallowBay has been able to explore her bisexuality both through her work and personal life, with her prior job allowing her to forge relationships with some of the most prominent female colleagues, such as Crystal Rush, Lexi Luna, and Sera Ryder. With that exploration, Octavia has come into her own, bringing to the screen one-of-a-kind performances in a variety of adult films. 

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Bodily Features

At 5’5” and 125 lbs., Octavia reflects her own unique brand of sexiness. With 34E-27-36 measurements, her body type is slim and features a real/natural body with blonde hair and blue eyes. Furthermore, she has tatted her right elbow, left forearm, and inner left wrist in a way that only adds to her appeal. 

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A Scene Stealer

Though Octavia may not be the conventional porn star, she has seen her share of wildness behind the scenes. Things even got so intense in one particular threesome at one of her shoots that she ended up chipping a tooth. These experiences as well as her sexual relationships with her pre-industry colleagues and supervisors have only added to her enthusiastic performances. Fans are delighted with her participation in body cumshot VR porn videos.

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A Unique Virtual Reality Adventure

Her interests in both male and female actors have allowed her to partake in a diverse array of scenes, including Invincible: Atom Eve an XXX Parody, in which she plays Samus Aran, an infamous intergalactic hunter. With girlfriends in her real life, Octavia is sure to lend some of her experiences to these creative works. 


Octavia Red is quickly becoming one of the leading stars in the VR porn Videos – SwallowBay industry, having already produced 65 scenes and counting. With her diverse portfolio, real/natural body, and unique experiences, Octavia is setting a standard that no one else can match.