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How to Hide Your Drildo

There are a few different ways to hide your dildo. You can stuff it into something like a toss pillow, decorative pillow or even one of those sleeper pillows that have secret compartments!

You can also use a lockable sex toy storage case. They’re super affordable and will keep your dildo protected from dust bunnies, mold and other unwanted guests.


There are plenty of ways to hide a dildo, but one of the best is in a lock-box. This is a small box that has a keyhole and a code, so no one can open it without the proper credentials. You can find these boxes online or at a local toy store, and they are the perfect place to keep your sex toys safe from prying eyes.

Another great option for hiding your dildo is inside a closet or drawer. You can use a small pouch or box to conceal your dildo, or you can wrap it up in some clothing to make it more discreet. This is a good choice if you live with someone else and want to avoid embarrassing run-ins or conversations.

You can also store your dildo in a locked drawer or cabinet. This is a convenient way to keep it out of sight, but it’s important to choose a location that’s secure and easy for you to access when you feel the urge to play.

Some people like to keep their dildos in the glove compartment of their car, but this can be a risky option because it’s not always secured. If you do decide to use this method, make sure the dildo isn’t in a visible spot and that you have a strong, hard-to-pick lock.

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A dildo can be a fun and exciting tool for solo or partnered play. However, some people may feel uncomfortable owning or using a sex toy, especially if they live with roommates or family members who are insecure or judgmental about their sexual preferences. In these cases, it is important to find a place to store the toy that will keep it safe and out of sight.

A common place to hide a dildo is in a drawer that contains more innocuous items, such as socks or art supplies. However, this method isn’t always discreet and can be easily exposed by a nosy parent or houseguest. A better option is to use a drawer that does not see much regular use, such as the one containing out-of-season clothing. This way, it’s less likely that someone will look in the drawer for a reason other than to deposit laundry or cleaning supplies.

Other options for hiding a dildo include wrapping it in a pair of thick winter socks, or stuffing it inside a decorative toss pillow or even a box spring. If you have a closet or chest of drawers that already comes with a locking feature, you can also use this for storing your dildo. However, it’s important to test out the removal and return process before using this technique to ensure that it works well and does not increase the risk of your dildo being accidentally discovered during an unplanned outing!

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A closet is a great place to hide your dildo because it can be difficult for others in the household to access. If you have roommates or children who are nosey, a closet can be a great way to keep your dildo hidden without them ever finding it.

If you have a lot of socks in your closet, you can wrap the dildo in one of them to disguise it. This trick is especially good if you have some thick winter socks that are hard for people to see through. Another option is to store the dildo in a drawer that you rarely use. This could be a drawer for cleaning supplies, makeup or travel items. A woman’s tampon drawer is also an excellent place to hide toys because it’s not something that people are likely to look in frequently.

You can also try storing the dildo in an old dresser or wardrobe. This can be difficult if your housemates or family members are particularly tidy, but it can still be a good place to hide your dildo. Just make sure that the dresser or wardrobe is dark enough to keep it from being seen. It’s also important to consider whether anyone else can easily reach the dildo when you are looking for it. If not, you will have a harder time getting it out when you are ready to play!

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If you want to hide your dildo in a spot that keeps it away from prying eyes, think about the places people don’t normally look. Certainly not your dishwasher, microwave or laundry basket (I’ve heard of some people keeping their sex toys in these!)

A bathroom is one of the best hiding spots for a dildo because it’s a private, out-of-the-way place where no one can see it. Just make sure you wash the dildo and vibrator before hiding them. This will prevent mold, mildew and other nasties from growing on it.

Another good place to hide a dildo is in a box, such as the ones that baby bottles come in. If you’re a woman, you can also stuff your dildo into a decorative pillow or tucked under a duvet cover. If you live with someone else, this method won’t work because they might notice the pillow or the dildo when they use your bed.

Another good way to hide a dildo and other sex toys is to put them in something that was created for the purpose, like a drawer designed specifically to store sex toys. This type of storage isn’t very expensive and it’ll keep your sex toys clean and away from nosey roommates, kids or spouses. If you don’t have a special toy box, you can hire a locksmith to convert a drawer into a locking one.