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How to Get Rid of a Foot Fetish

Foot fetishes, or podophilia, are more common than you may think. Feet contain more sensitive nerve endings than any other body part, which can make them feel especially pleasurable during sexual activity.

Even though talking about kinks is becoming less taboo, some people are still hesitant to let their partner know that they are into feet. But Mistress Tokyo says that’s no reason to be shy.


Foot fetishes, also known as podophilia, are more common than people realize. In fact, they are one of the most popular sexual kinks. But many people are uncomfortable discussing them. But there are ways to make them feel safe and comfortable.

Getting a massage from a trusted friend can be an effective way to treat a foot fetish. This is because it can help you to feel more in control of your feelings and increase your confidence – This finding is a creation of the service’s editorial team This can also help you to avoid any problems that may arise in the future.

There are a lot of things that can trigger a foot fetish. For example, some people are aroused by looking at feet, while others want to touch or lick them. Some people are even interested in foot penetration, where the feet are used to penetrate a genital organ or anus.

Many people with foot fetishes are secretive about them, as they don’t want to be judged by other people. However, if you are open about it, it can make you and your partner closer. It can also bring up some great memories that you can share with your partner.

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There is no one answer to this question. Some people attribute it to Sigmund Freud’s theory that the feet are like a penis substitute. Others believe that it is related to societal taboos around sex. Finally, some people think that the foot fetish is a response to stress or anxiety in their lives.


Foot play can be very sexual and intimate, especially if the person who is into it wants to lick or massage you with their feet. They may even want to suck your feet or use their foot as a tool for penetration into the mouth, vagina or anus (a process known as anal penetration). In fact, one study found that foot fetishism can also be erotic and sexually stimulating.

Sexual kinks are personal and subjective, so don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about what interests you. But it’s important to do it safely, and with mutual consent. Sexuality experts recommend creating a dedicated time to discuss fetishes that are new or unfamiliar so that both parties can discuss what is appropriate, safe and satisfying.

If your partner tells you they have a foot fetish, take it as a positive. Goddess Aviva points out that having a foot fetish is a part of who they are, and that it’s important to allow them the space and freedom to explore their sexual desires. They’ll also appreciate that you are open to trying different things and won’t be turned off by their feet being licked or rubbed, she adds. Foot fetishes are often considered taboo and people who have them are kink-shamed, but there are plenty of benefits to this type of kink.

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If you have a partner who worships feet, or you’re into foot fetish yourself, the good news is that there are many ways to please them. In fact, there’s even a dedicated online community of people who are into foot kink. Just don’t forget to take a few precautions: foot play can lead to fungal infections like molluscum contagiosum and impetigo, which spread through skin-to-skin contact. In addition, the skin on your feet contains a lot of nerves, so you should keep it clean and trimmed.

If your partner has a foot fetish, try communicating openly with them and asking what turns them on. You can even try taking pictures of their feet or asking to lick them.

Therapy is a great way to get to the bottom of fetishism and work through your traumas, which often drive it. Reenacting your traumas in a safe environment, such as a therapist’s office, can help you learn to stop the fetish response and replace it with healthy coping mechanisms.

In some cases, a person’s fetish may serve to satisfy a non-sexual unmet need. For example, a man who liked being tied to a leash found that it gave him the feeling of being cared for, since he was abandoned by his parents as a child. In these cases, replacing the fetish with an object that serves to fulfill a healthy need can help the fetishist to get over their addiction.

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Some people find sexual arousal when they worship the feet of someone. This may include rubbing and kissing the feet, taking photos of them, and imagining them naked. It’s also possible that a person’s foot fetish plays a role in sexual kinks such as domination or submission. For example, one study found that submissives often achieve erotic fulfillment by functioning as human furniture, including giving foot massages.

It’s important to remember that a fetish is an intensely sexual interest in something that is usually not considered arousing or desirable. It can be difficult to explain why someone might have a foot fetish, but it’s common to find sexual arousal in objects or parts of the body that are normally considered unattractive. Sigmund Freud theorized that sexual responses to feet might come from their resemblance to penises. Other theories may involve childhood experiences or cultural associations, such as a woman’s desire for small feet to match her Cinderella image.

Despite being taboo and being kink-shamed, foot fetishism is surprisingly common. Some experts believe that it stems from the eroticism of social taboos and the desire to submit or praise someone. Additionally, the brain’s sensory input region for feet and genitalia are located in close proximity to each other. So, it’s possible that there is a direct physical connection between a person’s foot fetish and their need to orgasm.